Today is for Riding #1: Gordon, @SavannahBikeCommuter

The Savannah Bicycle Campaign will be doing a new feature on people who ride their bikes for work, play — and everything in-between. They may ride rain or shine, or they may hit two wheels on the weekends. But no matter what, they know what they love about riding in Savannah — and what can be improved.

Follow along on our blog and our Instagram account as we share some top shots they’ve taken from behind their handlebars, their favorite things about riding in our beautiful city, and their hopes and dreams for the future of bicycling.

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After all, #TodayIsForRiding.

“Waiting, waiting, waiting…”

Our first feature is on SBC Volunteer of the Year Gordon Parks. Gordon shares photos of his multi-modal bike and ferry commute under the account @SavannahBikeCommuter, where he rides from South of Forsyth to across the Savannah River. His daily posts demonstrate the need for better, more connected facilities in our community — especially for those approaching areas like Bay and River Streets.

Gordon says: “I enjoy riding my bike to work because it allows me to see Savannah unobstructed by car/truck side pillars, windshields, or roofs. In a car or truck there are so many distractions and I have to be on the watch out constantly for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. When I’m on a bike I get to relax my use of visual sense and use more of my hearing and sense of smell.”

“It allows me to take in the beauty and uniqueness of Savannah that you miss from a vehicle.”

What does Gordon wish for? “I would love to see all of the Lincoln St. bike lane re-paved and protected… and some smoother ramps or walkways down to River St. A smoother multi-use path on the right or left of each ramp would go a long way. Many times I watch parents with strollers trying to make their way down…most of the times they pick their kids up out of the stroller to prevent the cobble stones from jarring them awake.”

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  1. We love you and your family, be careful, too much traffic where we live to do biking like you can do in Savannah. Love your pics. Dad & Mom Parks

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