Savannah earns Bicycle Friendly Community status

Jane Love of the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Dominic Ross and Garrison Marr of the City of Savannah prepared Savannah’s successful Bicycle Friendly Community application.


City leaders announced Oct. 16 that Savannah earned Bicycle Friendly Community status for recent accomplishments in bicycle infrastructure, education, and programming. The City joins 291 Cities nation-wide and just four cities in the State of Georgia that have been recognized with the award.

“The City of Savannah is playing a critical part in creating a truly Bicycle Friendly America,” said Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists which issued the Award. “We know Savannah’s investment in bicycling will be returned many times over in the health, environmental, and quality of life benefits of a thriving community.”

“The City has worked hard to provide new public bicycling facilities for residents, including the lanes on Washington Avenue in the 4th District,”, said Mary Ellen Sprague, 4th District Alderwoman. “This award celebrates the progress made, with more accomplishments to come.”

Recent accomplishments of the City include the Price Street and Washington Avenue bicycle lanes, “sharrows” throughout Barnard Street, an expanded bicycle rack program, the launch of the downtown bike-share program, and the receipt of a 2013 Play Streets grant.
“The City of Savannah has made great strides in fostering a bicycling culture in the last several years”, said John Bennett, executive director of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign. “We’re measuring growing numbers of riders each year, and have seen increased national recognition of Savannah as a bicycling destination.”

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