Savannah is a great place to ride a bike for transportation or recreation. Or both!

Because of the city’s warm climate and flat terrain, people of all ages and abilities can ride bikes year round. In the National Landmark District and other historic neighborhoods, parks and squares calm traffic and moss draped oaks and stately architecture provide a picturesque backdrop for bicycling. People from all over the world come to Savannah to ride bikes, either with friends and family or with organized tours.

Bicycling is popular with residents, as well. Savannah has the highest rate of bicycle commuting in Georgia and is No. 8 in the South for the percentage of its population that gets to work by bike.

Please enjoy this free bike map and guide for Savannah and Chatham County! Printed copies of this map are available at Savannah Bicycle Campaign HQ, located at 1301 A Lincoln St., and many businesses around Savannah.

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Click below to download KML files for each route.

If you would like to have copies of the map available at your business, or have suggestions for the map, please email

This guide and map highlights recommended bicycling routes and identifies streets where high motor vehicle speeds and other conditions make riding a bike difficult. It is also meant to educate people on state laws related to bicycling along with local ordinances that restrict bicycling in certain areas.
The Savannah Bicycle Campaign and the sponsors of this map do not warrant the safety of any routes shown. It is the responsibility of each bicyclist to take proper precautions when riding, such as obeying traffic regulations, being visible, wearing a helmet and using caution in traffic and near pedestrians.
The content of this map has been based on information available at the time of printing only, and it does not reflect any future changes that may occur to routes and road surfaces.
Cover image © Kyle Ramey,